Do appearances really matter?

The past few months have been a strange time to be in our business. FirstSeven was born from the concept of how you present yourself matters, first impressions matter, and frankly appearances do matter. It feels really provocative to make that statement, more so then it did two years ago when we first launched.  

In these past couple years, we’ve seen the powerful #metoo movement take hold, gain momentum and start really meaningful conversations. Earlier this spring social media couldn’t stop talking about what Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wore to his TED talk, and if that shined a spotlight on another form of double standard for women. A handful of school systems across the country have implemented dress codes for parents when on campus. All of these events have sparked intense debate, with the most vocal contributors to the debate coming from the camp of ‘what you wear shouldn’t matter’.

At first glance, this statement would seem to be the polar opposite of what I said in my opening paragraph. However, I said appearances do matter...not that they should matter. If we could change the world so that it was a complete meritocracy, where both men and women were rewarded based on their contributions, their work ethic, their collaboration, determination, intelligence, honesty, integrity... all the things that really do matter in life and in the workplace - we would.

Studies have proven time and time again that strangers (potential clients, potential bosses, etc) are subconsciously forming opinions of you before you’ve even had a chance to speak. Those opinions are based on visual observations.  Studies have also proved that when we feel confident we perform better.

When we work with clients to optimize their outward presentation, we’re doing it to empower them, to help them feel their best, their most confident, and to present themselves so their message speaks louder than their outfit. When we work with a client for a big presentation, our goal is not to have people talking about what they wore, but to have people talking about their ideas.

What do you think? We’d love to hear from you!


The Best Outerwear Options for Spring

Let’s talk outerwear. We wake up in the morning, the sun is shining, it's going to be a beautiful day.  You don’t need a coat, right? Wrong. At least not where we live. I made that mistake this morning and headed out the door to find 30 degrees awaiting me.

So, that begs the question, what are the best outerwear options for right now?  Read to find (and shop) our top picks!


A Trench:  A classic trench is just that, classic.  It’s perfect for work and will never go out of style.  The belted styles also create a really flattering silhouette.


A Leather Jacket:   You may think leather isn’t a good choice for fall, but we urge you to reconsider.  If you already have your favorite black leather jacket, now is a good time to invest in a lighter/softer color.  A pale pink or blush hue is the perfect topper for a crisp spring day.


Denim:  A denim jacket is clearly the most casual option, and you can have a lot of fun with a denim jacket.  You can go classic with a fitted style in a darker wash, or more trendy with an oversized lighter wash.  There are also really fun details you can incorporate like embroidery, color, textured accents and appliques.


Shop some of our faves!

Want an Easy Spring Wardrobe Update? Buy a Blouse!

Spring is in the air... kind of.  Here in the Northeast it's still pretty chilly but most of us are done with our thick knits and heavy puffers, and are more than ready to embrace some lighter, fresher pieces.


This time of year can be tricky.  We’re eager to shed our layers, but well, we don’t want to freeze. To navigate these next few weeks, we’re recommending that our clients invest in a few new blouses.  Blouses are having a moment right now. There are so many beautiful prints that will update your basic suit. They’ll look great with jeans and a blazer or your favorite pencil skirt. Go for a fun floral to really embrace the season!  If florals aren’t your thing, choose a graphic print, or stick with a solid in an unexpected, but spring like hue.

The options are endless, so we pulled a few of our favorites for you. Happy shopping!

Vacation Time!

The benefits of taking vacations are well document, yet most Americans don’t use all their earned vacation days. Hopefully you’re not one of them!  

One our favorite things about vacations is the anticipation, and of course the packing (and by packing, we mean shopping)!. Shopping for a couple new pieces to wear on your vacation is part of the fun. To get you started, we pulled some of our favorite pieces for any type of get away you have planned, from a snowy ski vacation, to a relaxed beach destination to a cultural city escape.  Bon Voyage!


I Have Nothing to Wear! How to Navigate Your Post-Purge Reality

If you followed our advice and worked on editing your closet over the last week, you may be in that ‘post purge’ place where you feel like you have nothing to wear. You might be wondering if you went overboard and maybe eliminated too many things. You may be experiencing purgers-remorse. Its a real thing, we’ve seen it!


We’ve worked through this process with so many clients. Most edits start off a bit slow, the client is usually hesitant to put any items in the eliminate pile, and the ‘maybe’ pile slowly grows bigger and bigger. But then something happens. A few obviously dated or unflattering pieces are put in the donate pile, and you know what?  It feels good! It becomes easier to let of of pieces that don’t make you happy - and things that were ‘maybes’ at the start, easily move to ‘donate’. The energy builds and it becomes fun, and freeing. We leave with bags of unwanted items and the closet is emptier than when we started - but that was the goal right? This feeling of lightness and cleansing last awhile, so bask in it. However, sometimes a day or two after the edit clients will wonder, ‘hm should I really have gotten rid of that cashmere cardigan?”  They may have forgotten that it was covered with moth holes! The answer is yes, they should have gotten rid of the moth eaten cardigan, but the loss of that cardigan admittedly leaves a hole (pun intended) in the client’s wardrobe

The next step after the edit is the restock. Restocking must be done thoughtfully and with intention. We always follow up with with specific, customized shopping recommendations after each and every closet edit. This is an important step and it shouldn’t be overlooked.  A functional wardrobe is one where each and every piece works for the client, is flattering and makes her (or him) happy when they put it on. We know that some basics will need to be replaced in order to have a functioning wardrobe. So, if you’re feeling your work wardrobe is missing some essentials after your edit, reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!  Or, shop our work essentials here!

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions this year seems to around getting organized and clearing clutter.  Our social media feeds are packed with images of people purging and seeking new homes for their possessions (thank you Marie Kondo), and showcasing their former ‘junk drawers’.


We wholeheartedly support this mission, especially when it comes to our clients wardrobes. One of our most popular services is our closet edit. Our clients love them, and honestly, we love doing them.  It’s so rewarding for us when we help a client discover new ways to wear and old favorite, or convince her to let go of her outdated, unflattering pieces. We love the look on her (or his) face when we leave with bags of clothing to donate and a pared down, but much more functional closet. Much like Marie Kondo, we believe your clothes should bring you joy.  Yes, they need to be functional, but one of the most important questions we always pose to our clients when deciding what to keep and what to purge is ‘how do you feel when you put this on?’ “does it make you happy?’, how they react to the question is everything.

If you’re editing your closet on your own, make sure to think about the feeling the item bestows on you.  If you’d like some guidance and expertise in going through this process, purchase our closet edit package.  We’d love to work with you!

How to Stay Warm, and Stylish this Winter

The holidays are over.  We made it through all the festivities, and we’ve packed up all the decorations.  We’ve made our New Year's resolutions and are ½ way through our January diets and cleanses. Depending on where you live, maybe you’ve made it though your first major winter storm.  That said, we still have a good 2+ months of pretty blah, or even miserable, weather. Today we’re sharing some easy to implements tips on how to stay warm, without sacrificing style this winter.

Think in layers:

A layered look is always in style.  It looks effortless, but can also be super chic.  Layers help to trap your body heat and they work well when you’re changing your environment frequently (ie, standing outside waiting for a train, inside the train, your warm office, a cold conference room.).

There are several ways to wear layers, and you can be as creative, or as simple, as you choose. We like to start with a thin cami or tank to keep the core warm.  Then you can add a printed or basic white button down, followed by a crew neck sweater. You can stop here or you can even add a blazer or a scarf. For a casual weekend look, we love a long sleeve tee under a chambray under a maxi cardigan with a bright or printed scarf.


Have fun with winter accessories:

If you live in many parts of the US, hats, scarves and gloves are winter why not have fun with them.  These winter accessories can also be pretty affordable, especially if you grab some now, on sale! So load of on these pieces, and add variety to your winter wardrobe.  Choose fun colors and prints that you can mix and match!


Invest in a statement coat:

In the colder months, your outerwear takes center stage.  Invest in a coat that is functional, but also makes a statement.  Who wants to wear the same old black puffer every day? We guarantee you’ll be happier when you reach for a coat in a bold hue, animal print for fun faux fur. If you don’t have a warm coat that makes you smile, make sure to shop our lookbook below, its chock full of fabulous coats (many on sale!).


The best way to get through these next couple months is to embrace them, in style!  

Easy Tips To Take You From Desk To Dinner

A recent survey from Consumer News reports states that Americans spend, on average, about 20 hours attending holiday parties. From office parties to get togethers with friends and family, so many of us find ourselves running from the office to some sort of festive occasion. We’re all just so busy this time of year, it feels like literally every minute counts.  So let's talk about some really easy ways to think about dressing for your desk (meaning your job) to dinner or any other social engagement you have after hours!

Shop our favorite desk to dinner pieces below.

We broke the day to night transformation down into four buckets. Start with your base. Your base is the main piece that will stay the same from day to night; your dress, or your pants, or top, or skirt, etc.  

Than you have your three key elements which are texture, shine and the extras. You can use these elements a couple of different ways. You can identify yourself as a texture person, or maybe you’re more into shine  and you focus on that bucket, going as deep as you’d like. Or you can pick elements from each bucket to mix and match for a unique look. Or maybe you’re more classic and don’t really relate to either of these so you’ll just keep your look pretty simple.  Whichever route you choose, you’ll need to grab a couple things from ‘the extras’.

OK, so here’s how it works

Choose your base:

The base is really important.  You’ll want to choose something that is either a blank slate or - depending on your work environment - a bit more special than something you’d normally wear.

The simplest way to go is to stick with clean lines and neutral colors, like a classic black sheath. Or choose separates like a wide leg pant and a button down. Think about adding on layers for the office, that will come off later, revealing a more party ready look.

You can up the ante if you work in a more creative/casual environment and choose something a little more special for your base, like a dress with leather embellishments or something with a pop of color..

Now that you have your base - what you’ll be wearing when you leave the house - it’s time to talk about how to make that “party ready” at the end of the day. Start by taking of the extra layers you added (your cardigan, your blazer), you can leave them in the office. Then, start adding...

Texture is all about depth in a look, subtle interest and details though the use of materials like leather (faux), fur (faux), velvet, lace and suede.  You can choose as little or as much of a material as you like.

  1. Wear a glamorous faux fur shrug to work but take it off when you get to the office

  2. Swap out your wide leg pants for a pair of leather leggings

  3. Switch your button down for a velvet tank top and leather jacket

Shine is less subtle, and arguably more festive.  We’re talking sequins, rhinestones, glitter and studs. In this bucket, a little can go along way.

  1. Layer an embellished cardigan over your dress

  2. Switch your black pencil skirt for a sequined one

  3. Take off a sweater or blazer to reveal a sequined layer

The extras, are what will complete you look. These are things you can easily keep in your office, and have on hand for an easy switch. The extras include a party shoe, and small evening bag and a piece of statement jewelry, and you can’t go wrong with a bold lipstick!

These tips should have you ready to tackle all you holiday parties with ease!  Enjoy and have a glass of champagne for us! Shop some of our favorite desk to dinner pieces through the link below.  

Happy holidays!

The Holiday Trends We're Swooning Over

We love trends.  Staying on top of them is a great way to make sure your wardrobe is up to date, fresh and fun.  That said when it comes to trends, less is more - and the trends for Holiday 2018 are no exception. We recommend looking at all the trends out there each season, finding one or two that you’re really drawn to, make your purchases, and incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.  This approach with guarantee you’re never in a wardrobe rut.

We’ve rounded up a short list of our faves for this holiday season. We’re actually really excited about this list of trends, because there’s something for everyone AND, drumroll please, most of these trends are actually comfortable, easy to wear and really facilitate desk to dinner dressing.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.45.16 PM.png

Crystal Fringe:  Fun statement accessories are always in style.  Last year was all about the tassels, this year it’s about the crystal fringe. We love how these styles catch the light and draw the eye up.  So festive and so flattering!

Comfy Party Shoes:  Shoes are such a key part of every look! We love a fabulous heel, but what we don’t love is nursing blisters all night. Luckily this season (and this has actually been happening for a few seasons now) there are so many fabulous comfortable alternatives from which to choose; everything from an embellished flat, to a chunkier midi heel, to a sequined or animal print booted.  

Glamorous Faux Fur: This is another trend we can get behind. The quality of faux fur just keeps getting better and better and it’s the absolute best choice if you’re aiming for cozy & chic.  Faux fur is the perfect topper for all your holiday events!

Strapped Evening Bags: A clutch is a classic piece that will never go out of style, but let’s face it, clutches aren’t the most practical option out there.  Who can perfectly balance a glass of champagne and hor’dourve and manage a handshake, all while holding your clutch? Anybody? Why risk it?  This season opt for an evening bag with straps that will look just as chic and allow you to go hands free. Or, if you want to be really fashion forward choose a fabulous belt bag!

Sophisticated Sequined Separates: Sequins have always been around, and a few seasons ago we started seeing lots of sequins for day, say on an embellished sweatshirt or even sneaker.  That’s fun, but this season there are more sophisticated options for wearing sequins. We like them in simple separates, a shimmery tank worn under a traditional blazer, or an embellished pencil skirt in a classic silhouette.

What holiday trends are you excited for?  Shop our picks now and make sure you’re ready when the invitations start rolling in!

Thanksgiving Day Style

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays! While it typically evolves around food, and menu prep is important, it’s also important to think about what your going to wear.

Are you traveling?  Is your family a casual football watching and playing family?  Maybe you're meeting your significant others’ family for the first time? Or maybe you’re staying local and hosting a stylish Friendsgiving? We put together a lookbook full of Thanksgiving ready outfits, from super casual to dressed up and dapper!

We also talked to our co founders about what they’re planning to wear for the big day:


This year I am hosting Thanksgiving for my family so I want to look pulled together but also feel very comfortable. I am going to be in the kitchen ALL morning so I want to stay cool, too - if possible! I'm opting for a short sleeve, gold tee and pairing it with a pair of plaid wide-leg trousers that are really breezy. They don't make me feel constricted at all which is also a very important factor for Thanksgiving! Lots of room to grow! :) I'm also going to be mixing prints with my leopard booties - fun but comfortable! Adding a simple gold necklace and fun earrings should tie this look together successfully!


I’m hosting too!  When we host a gathering, my husband usually focuses on the food and I focus on the decor. I’m not a big fan of traditional Thanksgiving decorations and colors, so this year I’m going with a blush and gold theme, and obviously I want my outfit to work well with this look. I like to dress up for holidays, but like Faith, I try to balance style with comfort, especially knowing I’ll be on my feet quite a bit. This year I decided on a very feminine pale pink fit and flare dress by Kate Space. The color will work perfectly and it has a really whimsical bow detail that I love.  I’m going to start out in a pair of printed heels, but will likely switch to flats by late afternoon. I’ll also add a statement earring and a pink lip to complete the look.

Fall Faves: What's on our Shopping Lists?

With November right around the corner, it’s time to seriously think about our Fall/Winter wardrobe.  At FirstSeven we always encourage our clients to look at their closets with a discerning eye (or with the help of a professional) on a seasonal basis. Review what you own and ask yourself, do you have pieces that just don’t fit right anymore (we all do!), what about things that just feel dated?  Do you have a bunch of things you’re hanging on to, even though they don’t make you happy? If you answer yes to these questions, it's time for a purge!

After your purge, you’ll find you have some gaps (and some room in your closet!).  Identify those gaps and start shopping! Stacy & Faith both went through this process last week and we thought we’d share their fall shopping list with you!


I actually purged a lot of pieces.  I stopped working full time in a corporate setting 3 years ago, but i’d been holding on to a lot of pieces from that time in my life, even though they don’t gel with my current lifestyle.  I eliminated a lot of trousers, sheaths and pencil skirts that were dated or just weren’t flattering anymore. I did keep some classic, well made pieces like cashmere cardigans, DVF wrap dresses and and skinny pants.  I also kept anything in leather or faux leather. I also found some tweed and plaid pieces that I hadn't worn for a few seasons, that actually feel really modern right now - I love when that happens. All my purging did free up room for some new pieces that are more aligned with my lifestyle right now.  So, what’s on my shopping list you might ask?

  1. Anything animal print!  I’ve always been a fan of subtle animal prints, mainly in accessories.  I love a leopard print pump or cardigan, but this season I’m going all out.  I’m have my eye on a pair of wide leg silk pants and a shirt dress, for starters. I even love the idea of mixing animal prints.  I may even go for a faux fur jacket in a chic cheetah print.


2.  Speaking of a faux fur jacket...the next item on my list is a statement coat.  In the Northeast, in pedestrian/mass transit cities, we spend a lot of time in our winter coats - why not make a statement with them!


3.  Lastly, as I mentioned I spend a lot of time working from home and taking my daughter to school and all her (way too many) activities.  I’d like to add some really comfy, but chic athleisure pieces to my wardrobe. I’m loving Spanx leggings (especially their camo print!) and cute graphic sweatshirts.  I’d also like to have a chic pair of joggers in the rotation.


Faith what’s on your shopping list?

  1. Plaids: This pattern is having a major moment this season as it's showing up in almost every piece of clothing - coats, blazers, tops, pants, dresses...even plaid shoes! However, these aren't our grandmother's plaid prints. These are bold and, yes, even fun! I already bought a pair of wide-leg plaid pants that I am LOVING and plan on wearing all season long! I also have my eye on a plaid set - a matching top and pants/skirt. I love this look because it's totally appropriate for work with heels or booties but can also be dressed down with a casual jacket and fashion sneakers.


2. Chunky Knits: I'm also on the lookout for heavier patterned knits this season. I love the way an oversized sweater looks half tucked with skinny jeans and booties. Such a great fall look. I'm also looking for these specific sweaters in neutral colors because that will allow them to be staple pieces in my closet all fall/winter long. When it gets really chilly, I can layer a mock turtleneck underneath these sweaters...I also love the look of a chambray button-down poking out from the top. You could also layer a boyfriend blazer on top of these sweaters for a really professional vibe. Must have!


3. Belt bags: Ok, you may be saying, Faith, I am NOT walking around with a fanny pack! Hear me out! I have one of these belt bags already and I really love the practicality of it. As a mom, I am always in and out of cars, dropping little people off places, carrying heavy shopping bags, etc. Having a bag that is hands-free is, well, pretty great. I snap it around my waist and off I go, never having to hoist it back over my shoulder because its strap has fallen off for the 10th time in an hour! There are some pretty great colors and styles this season, too. Take a look and take the plunge! You'll be happy you did!


We’d love to hear what’s on your list this season. Shop some of our fall faves here!

Essentials + Edge = Your Winning Work WardrobeIf

Last Tuesday evening, we had a fabulous time talking fashion and introducing some lovely ladies to a talented NYC designer, AYSHA NY. We talked about how important image is in career success, and how you only have a few crucial moments to make a positive first impression. We had fun showing these women how you can easily add some edge and interest to your work wardrobe by incorporating a few unique, yet office appropriate pieces.  In fact, we were able to create over 60 modern and flattering work looks using just 15 pieces! Click through the gallery below for a glimpse of these 15 pieces and a snapshot of some of the looks we were able to create.

It was a great event, and if you missed this one, stay tuned we have a few more events scheduled in November.  Hope to see you there!

Please Join Us!

We’ve been busy preparing for an event we’re hosting (in conjunction with Romio) this Thursday evening. If you’ll be in New York City, please join us! During this exclusive workshop we’ll be revealing our tried and true strategies for perfecting your professional style. This event is ideal for anyone bored by their current work wardrobe, searching for a new job, or interested in networking with stylish professionals in NYC.

You'll also get a behind the scenes look at one of New York's hottest new tech startups, Romio! Join us for a stylish evening, learn something new, and enjoy some light bites and wine. Click below to learn more and reserve your spot. We hope to see you tomorrow night!


An Investment in Your Career

Have you ever been in the city and needed a comfortable place to work?  Have you ever had to meet with a client or colleague, but didn’t want to do it in your office or at a coffee shop?  What if there was a place you where you could meet, connect and do so much more? What if you could take a barre class and shower, grab healthy meal, host an event, have real conversations and be inspired by other professional women?  Well, a place like this will soon exist, and it's called Luminary. Oh, and there will be wine on tap…


We had the opportunity to meet with Cate Luzio, the founder of Luminary (talk about an inspirational woman!) a few weeks ago.  She told us her story and we shared our stories and the mission behind FirstSeven. It was one of those meetings that just felt right, and there are such natural synergies with FristSeven and Luminary, that we couldn’t help but get excited.

One of Luminary’s main points of differentiation is around the programing and content that Luminary will offer its members, while cultivating a sense of community, empowerment and inclusivity.

Based in Nomad, Luminary has over 15,000 square feet of carefully designed communal work and social space with an emphasis on investing in self-development, wellness, flexibility and giving back. It’s a sanctuary of productivity, offering women flexible memberships that meet their economic and lifestyle needs. Combining innovative and accessible workspaces with tailored learning experiences, content and programming, Luminary seeks to enhance the greatest strengths of its members.

Last week we celebrated the pre-launch of Luminary.  It was a fabulous party and we can’t wait for the launch.  Check it out, there are special pre launch memberships available for a limited time.  Maybe we’ll see you there!

IMG_5189 2.JPG

Simple Strategies to Transition Your Favorite Summer Pieces into Fall

We love crisp fall days and the new fashions that come with it, but there’s still a part of us that isn’t quite ready to fully embrace the changing seasons. We want to hold on to summer for just a little while longer. The good news is, we can!  There are some simple styling strategies you can use to transition some of your favorite summer pieces into fall and score a few more usage occasions!


White Jeans:  White jeans are such a summer staple, but there’s no reason to pack them up once Labor Day rolls around. They can look totally chic in fall (and beyond) when you pair them with a light weight knit and a bootie.


Chambray Dress:  Denim’s lighter cousin is everywhere during the summer months; breathable, versatile and modern. We had our chambray shirt dresses on heavy rotation all summer, we loved pairing them with espadrilles or slides for a laid back look. This fall, wear them with a fashion sneaker (casual) or bootie. We also like to layer a faux leather or suede jacket in a pale blush or olive green to complete the seasonal transition!


Spaghetti Strap & Tank Dresses:  Ahh the summer dress, easy, breezy and and oh so pretty.  You can just throw one on and be out the door. Add in one more step and you can keep wearing your favorites all season!  We love to layer a thin long sleeve tissue tee or turtleneck under the dress to extend the life our summer dresses.


Some simple changes in footwear and the addition of a layer or two are key. Shop some of our transitional must haves and tell us what favorite summer pieces you’re going to keep in heavy rotation this fall.

Back-To-School Season (its not just about the kids!)

It’s time to face the facts, summer is slowly winding down. In the New York area, schools are back up and running the week after Labor Day, so we’re talking just two more weeks. While back to school is mainly focused on kids, we’re here to tell you that it's also the perfect time to think about yourself and your professional goals.

There’s something about the idea of ‘back to school’ that permeates our culture.  It's become a season in and of itself, and you take notice whether you have kids or not.  Most of us (hopefully) enjoyed some downtime this summer and were able to dial back the hectic schedules that typically run us ragged from September until June.  Hopefully you were able to enjoy a vacation or two, or at least a long weekend at the shore. Once Labor Day rolls around, the ‘summer attitudes’ shift and we a become a bit more serious and structured as we sadly wave goodbye to summer Fridays... but with this shift comes a renewed sense of purpose, energy and the idea of a fresh start.


This is a perfect time to reevaluate your work wardrobe. Does how you present yourself at the office reflect who you are as a professional? Does it reflect not only where you are now in your career but where you aspire to be? Do your clothes help boost your confidence?  Do you have at least one go-to outfit that you can count on for those big meetings?

Think about your closet and your morning routine.  Is getting yourself out the door in the morning easy and stress-free?  Do the clothes in your closet bring you joy? Is your closet easy to navigate and filled with pieces you know fit and flatter you?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you could benefit from working with one of our professional stylists.  Choose to invest in yourself this back-to-school season, you’ll be glad you did!

Fall Trends That Are Actually Office Appropriate!

When the season changes each year, most of us look forward to reading about all the new trends. It's one thing to read about them, but it's another thing entirely to actually wear them.  Even more challenging is how to wear them to work, and still look professional.

We're here to tell you that not every trend works for every body type and personality.  When thinking about trends, we always recommend that you choose one or two each season that really excite you, and incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.  You don’t want to over do it with trends, but at the same time, you don’t want to ignore them completely. An injection of a couple of trend pieces keeps your wardrobe looking modern and up to date.

We scoured the runways and fashion press to choose our favorite fall trends - bonus, ALL of these trends can be work appropriate!

Animal Print:  Animal prints can be pretty polarizing - either you love them or you hate them.  We happen to love them, but a little can go a long way! For the office opt for a leopard print blouse layered under a structured blazer.  If you just want to dip your toe into animal prints (so to speak), a pump or a flat can definitely add interest to an otherwise safe work look!

leopard 1.jpg

Tweed, herringbone, houndstooth…:  These traditional textures started making a comeback last fall and you’ll see them everywhere this season.  This is a trend that is just made for the office! Invest in a modern blazer and up your casual Friday game by pairing it with your favorite jeans.


Leather:  OK, so leather may not be the first thing you think of when you’re pondering your professional wardrobe, but hear us out!  Leather, worn the right way, can add polish and just the right amount of edge to a look. For the office choose a traditional silhouette (pencil skirt, sheath dress) or opt for a garment with leather details (piping, pockets, etc).


The 80’s:  Everything old is new again, right?  This season designers were really channeling the 80’s - arguably the least fashionable decade (IMO!).  This might be one of those trends that we don’t fully embrace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! If you’re a triangle shape, and this trend is calling to you, you’re in luck!  Shop for a jacket or blazer with a strong shoulder line. You’ll be on trend while visually balancing your body!


Rouching:  This is a trend most people can get behind.  Rouching is a design detail that features subtle scrunching of material, typically in way that really flatters most body shapes. This trend would look fabulous on a pencil skirt or any type of work dress.


Shop all these trend now, and you'll be all set for fall!

A Strategic Guide to Summer Sales

This is a crazy time of year. We’re deep into summer, but the idea of fall is slowly inching its way into our subconscious. If you’re a parent, it's definitely back-to-school season (and even if you’re not, the idea of ‘back-to-school’ still permeates our culture - more on that in a later post!).  

Even though the current weather reports read hazy hot and humid (add wet to that list, if you’re in the northeast!), retailers are busy highlighting their pre-fall and fall styles. That means they really need to clear out the summer pieces to make room for everything new! That also means that right now is the perfect time to assess your summer wardrobe (both work and weekend) and see what’s missing, and what needs to be refreshed.  Be smart about it though! Now really isn’t the time to buy super trendy pieces (unless you absolutely love them and know the CPW will be worth it). You don’t want to stock up on trends that have been going strong for a couple seasons, because they will most definitely look dated when you pull them out again in 10 months.

Shop these sales strategically and load up on classic, timeless summer pieces that will really never go out of style.  Below is our recommendation for the top 5 pieces to pick up (deeply discounted) over the next week or so (and of course we have a shoppable lookbook for you!).

summer sales 2.jpg

White Denim:  Talk about a summer staple.  Pick up a pair or two in your favorite classic cut and get rid of any pairs that are stained or just not as white as they used to be!

Simple Espadrilles:  Espadrilles were huge this summer.  We saw them everywhere! When picking up a pair for next season, skip styles with whimsical (trendy) details and choose a classic striped or lace up style that you’ll wear for summers to come.

Gauzy White Button Down:  Nothing is as timeless as the white button down.  For summer, choose a light gauzy fabrication. We really liked all the tie front styles we saw this season, and I’m pretty sure they’ll still be around next summer so if you like that look, now's a great time to pick it up!

Striped Dress (or top!):  Stripes will always look modern.  Choose a cute striped shirt or tee style dress and you’ll have it at the ready next spring!

Sunglasses: You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Treat yourself to a whatever classic style you generally lean towards; aviators, cat eye and oversized sunglasses will always be in style.

Shop our Smart Summer Sale lookbook!  Let us know what summer pieces you’re hunting for!


Navigating Your Career, In Style

Navigating Your Career, In Style, was the title of a session we held on Tuesday at Vayner Media, specifically for their summer interns. This group is just finishing up their 10 week internship at the company and most of them will be heading back to their colleges and universities to start their senior year. What a fabulous group of young adults!  They were polite, engaged, interested and inquisitive!


During this session we talked about research that shows how your wardrobe choices affect how others perceive you, and how you perceive yourself.  We showcased some powerful data that proves the important role that image can play in your career success. We also talked a bit about the changing corporate landscape and and how to interpret different dress codes. We felt this was an important conversation to have since this group spent a summer at Vayner which is very much in the ‘almost anything goes’ space. These interns could end up working at Vayner right out of college, but many of them will be exploring and considering other industries and companies who may not have such a liberal approach to dress.

We had a robust conversation about the power of color, and how to think strategically about color when choosing your look for different situations. Lastly we talked about how to budget and to start building a work appropriate wardrobe (and where to save and where to splurge). I only wish we had more time, we can talk about this stuff forever!


A huge thank you to Vayner for having us and to the interns for being such a great group!

We really enjoyed this session and received some great feedback from the attendees.  This reinforces our belief that we have content that is tailor-made for soon to be grads (and obviously interns).  We're excited to be working with more colleges and universities this year and impacting the careers and lives of these rockstar students! Want us to work with your school, too? Just reach out!


One of the best things about being a kid is summer vacation. The summer seemed to stretch on and on, forever. I remember the anticipation and excitement building up though the end of August as the first day of school approached. Yes, I know all about the summer slide and the rationale arguments to keep kids engaged in learning all year long, but I do think there’s something to be said for summer vacation. As adults, we eagerly anticipate our Summer Fridays and if we’re lucky our one or 2 week vacations, but rarely do we have the opportunity to fully recharge like we had as kids.

I had dinner last week with a friend who was about to leave for sabbatical.  He works for a very well know company that offers six week paid sabbatical for all employees after they’ve been at the company for 5 years. What a fantastic benefit! He’s headed off for much deserved down time with his family.  I’m sure he’ll come back at the end of the summer with a fresh perspective and ready to hit the ground running.

This got us thinking, what would we do if we were lucky enough to enjoy a sabbatical?


Stacy:  There are so many amazing ways to spend this time. I would love to rent a large villa in Italy or the South of France (my happy place) and invite lots friends and family to visit. I could also use this time to be a bit more adventurous. A cross country road trip spending time in the national parks (glamping, not camping!) would be something my daughter would always remember. An African Safari is also on my bucket list.

Wait, I may have the perfect itinerary! A week long African Safari, followed by a month in Europe eating amazing food and drinking some fabulous wine (with my family) followed by a week all to myself at a health and wellness spa (to counter some of the negative effects of my indulgent month in Europe!).  Now, what to pack…?

Faith:   I think I would break up my sabbatical into six different weekly excursions. I would start traveling East and visit the beautiful country of Spain and take as many siesta’s that we’re allowed in a week while enjoying their food and culture. From there I would travel to France for another week and consume as many croissants as I could while visiting all the amazing fashion boutiques. When the croissants ran out I would pack up my bags and head to the country of my grandparents, Italy. That week would include a visit to the amazing countryside of Firenze and the beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Ok, 3 weeks to go!

Back on the plane - it’s a long ride to the beautiful island of Hawaii. Maui is home for a week of rest and relaxation. Then it’s a short trip up to Cali and the PCH. After all that relaxing I would need do some serious hiking, fishing and horseback-riding in beautiful Lake Tahoe. The west coast week would conclude with a peaceful night in La Jolla overlooking that beautiful sunset. And then finally, this amazing sabbatical would conclude and crescendo with one final week on the pink sands of Bermuda with a farewell meal (the best of my life) at the Waterlot Inn. That’s my 6 week journey... I feel more relaxed just writing this! :)

OK, we’ll see you in six weeks!  :-)

Whatever your plans are for the rest of the summer, get out there an enjoy them. What would you do on your dream sabbatical?