An Evening of Style in Brooklyn Heights

Last week we were invited to speak at a women’s networking event for the fabulous ladies at Bernstein Partners. The event was held in a beautiful garden that’s juts up against the promenade in Brooklyn Heights, offering amazing downtown NYC views. The weather was hot and steamy, but at least the rain held off!

This event was slightly different from our usual corporate training sessions. It was held after hours and the rosé was flowing! We customized our content and delivery to the audience (a diverse group of professional women) and environment (no powerpoint slides here!).  


The ladies at this Wall Street firm must dress professionally, but they’re also a stylish bunch. We worked with the event organizer and developed a presentation specifically for this group. We started by talking about five, easy ‘Summer Swaps’ that can instantly update your work wardrobe for the season. We made this interactive and relevant to everyone by incorporating a ‘splurge’ vs ‘steal’ element to the presentation. For each of our recommendations, we showcased an item that was a higher price point and one at a more budget friendly price, and had the attendees guess which was which. The group had a lot of fun and they often surprised us with their answers!

We then moved on to a discussion around trends. We highlighted some our favorites and discussed how to wear these them to work and then again on the weekend. This was great because it opened up dialogue around what individuals felt comfortable wearing in their specific office and role.

Please put one of the last 2 pics that Robyn sent (just not the one with the ugly background)

When the presentation was over, we were able to engage in one-on-one and smaller group conversations with these women.  We had a blast! Most of them came up to check out our rack of items and even try some on some pieces.  We introduced them to new brands and new ways to put things together. We actually heard that a day or two after the event one attendee showed up to work looking confident and professional in a crisp white blazer and silk joggers.

We wanted to write about this event a) because it was really fun b) it was a bit outside the box and c) to give you some more insight into what we do!

Results in a post-event survey indicated that all the respondents felt they learned something new and that the content was interesting, informative and relevant to them.  They also noted that it was delivered in a fun and engaging way.  We were thrilled with this type of feedback.  It's exactly what we strive to do with every presentation.  We want employees to leaving feeling empowered in their ability to create a professional, polished and stylish work wardrobe, just like these women did! 

It got us thinking of other venues and opportunities to deliver this content that we’re so passionate about. Going into companies and educating professionals is still at the forefront of what we do, but it's also nice to get out of the office, sip a glass of wine and talk styling in a less formal setting - and while we’re at it, let’s play some fashion games too!