5 Simple Summer Swaps

In our last post we mentioned some easy ‘Summer Swaps’.  These are simple changes that you could make right now to immediately update your wardrobe for what’s left of summer.

Swap #1: Black Blazer for a White Blazer

99% of you probably have a black blazer in your closet that you love. You wear it to work layered over a dress and you wear it on the weekend with a tee and denim. That’s great, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a classic black blazer. We love them. However, for summer, why not lighten it up and choose a white blazer instead? It's crisp and fresh and just as versatile.

Swap #2: Sheath for a Shift

The terms sheath and shift are often used interchangeably, although they actually refer to two distinct styles and silhouettes.

A sheath dress is one that fits closer to the body. It’s not necessarily tight, but it does very closely follow the lines and form of the body. It has a very streamlined silhouette and typically hits at, or slightly above, the knee.

A shift dress hangs from the shoulders with a column effect that skims the body offering more room through the bust, waist and hips.

These are both flattering and work appropriate. I personally love a sheath dress, they're usually my ‘go to’ silhouette for the office. However, when the temps and humidity rise, I find myself swapping out some of my sheaths for a looser fitting shift that allows for more air circulation around the body. It also feels slightly more relaxed, aligning with a summer vibe.

Swap #3:  Skinny Pant for a Wide Leg Pant

For many of the same reasons why we recommend swapping your sheath for a shift, we recommend putting your skinny pant aside, and reaching for a wider leg silhouette. A skinny pant is a classic, it’s flattering, easy to wear and versatile.  The wide leg pant is breezy and flowy and has a modern feel to it.  

Swap #4:  White Button Down for a Chambray Button Down

Most people have a least one trusty white button down that they reach for pretty frequently. That’s smart, you should have one or two, however, consider switching it up this summer and  swapping your white button down for a soft chambray. A chambray comes in many different shades (light wash to very dark washes) and styles (clean lines, buttons, snaps). Find one that matches your office culture and personality. We love this swap because the chambray offers just as much versatility as the button-down classic. You can still wear it under blazers with your favorite skirt or with denim.

Swap #5:  Fashion Sneaker for a Mule or Slide

If you’re like most women, you’ve definitely embraced the fashion sneaker. It's a great option for a commuting shoe - comfortable and modern and there are so many different styles and colors to choose from. Definitely keep your fashion sneakers around, you'll want to pull them back out this fall. However, you might think about taking a break from them this summer.

A flat slide or mule is a great alternative - both styles seem to be having a moment. A slide is a backless shoe that is open toe. A mule is similar, but typically closed toe. These are functional - easy to take on and off - and comfortable. They’re perfect for all your summer commuting.

Make one or all of these swaps and you’ll be one step closer to updating your work wardrobe for the rest of the summer (it’s not over yet!).  We’d love to hear some of your favorite summer swaps!