All About Moms: More Style and Less Stress!

More style and less stress..that sounds pretty good, right? And if you’re a busy working mom it may sound almost impossible, but trust us, it isn’t.

At FirstSeven, we’ve developed training content specifically for professional moms.  Two-thirds of the company's co-founders are Moms. Faith has three adorable kiddos and I have a pretty cute (if I do say so myself) four year old.  

Faith with her 3 cutie pies (in coordinating looks, of course)

Faith with her 3 cutie pies (in coordinating looks, of course)

My daughter, she's all about sparkles and pink!

My daughter, she's all about sparkles and pink!

I clearly remember the day I went back to work, after being fortunate enough to stay home with my baby for four months. Yes, I remember the emotions that every new mom feels the day she finally has to (gets to?) walk out the door and leave for a whole day: guilt, sadness, excitement.  But even more that, I remember what I wore and the preparation that went into my first day back.  I also remember the stress that accompanied that morning, and pretty much every morning since.

Me and my daughter on my first day back at work after maternity leave.

Me and my daughter on my first day back at work after maternity leave.

I was still nursing, so I had to think about the functionality of my outfit.  I was also struggling to find something that fit the same way it used to! As the years go on and my daughter continues to grow and change, my morning routine also changes and evolves - but the one consistent piece is that I will never again have my mornings to myself (not complaining at all - I wouldn't have it any other way, I’m just stating a fact!).  My morning routine now centers around my daughter which means I have less time to focus on myself.  My mornings need to be streamlined.  My closet has to work for me.  I have to know that everything fits and is flattering (on my body as it is now, not how I hope it will be eventually).  

And I'm not alone:

Everyone performs better when they’re feeling confident - and moms are no exception. With this in mind, we have a few recommendations for professional moms that will get them out the door every morning stress free, and have them walking into the office full of confidence.

Streamline your closet:

Sometimes less really is more. We recommend doing a very thorough closet edit. You can do it yourself, invite a good friend over to help, or hire a professional.  FirstSeven offers Closet Edits as part of our Private Coaching.  A good closet edit leaves you feeling lighter & cleansed. It results in a closet consisting of pieces that are modern, flattering and that fit you really well. It also helps you identify any gaps, that when filled, result in a really functional wardrobe.  This means that you can literally go in your closet and grab pretty much anything and know it will work.  How’s that for stress free living?

Maximize Accessories:

Take an audit of your shoes and bags and make sure they’re all in good condition.  A bag or shoe is always something we recommend investing in, if you can. The cost per wear will always be good, and there’s something about a fabulous shoe or a great new bag that will put a spring in your step.

You can also use accessories like jewelry and scarves as a more budget friendly way to update your look and maximize the wearability of your staples. A neutral sheath would look classic and professional with a nude heel and delicate layered necklace. It would take on a very different (but still chic) look with a pointed toe flat and a statement necklace.

Another key benefit to accessories is (drumroll please…) they always fit!  Also necklaces, earrings and shoes can be used to draw the eye up, or down, and away from any problem areas.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe:

Start by identifying the dress silhouettes that work best for your body type, then start building your dress wardrobe.  Dresses are ‘insta outfits’ and we love them! Throw one on in seconds, add a shoe and accessory and you’re good to go.  Make sure you have a few dresses that you love and reach for them on your busiest mornings.

Next, think about your separates; start with blouses, trousers and skirts. Customize by going deeper in one category and lighter in another based on your personal preferences. That said, a good rule of thumb is five blouses/tops, three trousers and two skirts. If you chose these items strategically so that everything can be mixed and matched, you’ll have 25+ easy work outfits. Add on a couple blazers and denim (if your office allows denim) and your options will grow even more.

With all of these categories, focus on classic pieces, but always include at least one trendier piece to keep your look modern.

Moms are such a valuable part of the workforce.  Anything we can do to help support them is a win for everyone. The team at FirstSeven was so excited when we learned of ‘re-launch’ and ‘re-entry’ programs.  Many of these program support all people who have had to leave the workforce for an extended length of time, but many of them focus on moms who are coming back to paid work after taking time to raise their family.  It's wonderful that so many companies are recognizing and fostering the development of this segment!

I may be starting to sound like a broken record, but what you wear matters. Moms in particular may be struggling with their confidence, especially if they’re re-entering. We believe these strategies will go far in helping to ease their transition and building their confidence.

Please reach out to us if your company has a re-entry program, we’d love to talk about how our training could enhance the program.

I’d also love to hear from all you amazing working moms out there. What are your go-to strategies for getting out the door looking and feeling great?

Because we didn't want Lili to be left out..Lili and my daughter clearly making important phone calls.

Because we didn't want Lili to be left out..Lili and my daughter clearly making important phone calls.