Fall Faves: What's on our Shopping Lists?

With November right around the corner, it’s time to seriously think about our Fall/Winter wardrobe.  At FirstSeven we always encourage our clients to look at their closets with a discerning eye (or with the help of a professional) on a seasonal basis. Review what you own and ask yourself, do you have pieces that just don’t fit right anymore (we all do!), what about things that just feel dated?  Do you have a bunch of things you’re hanging on to, even though they don’t make you happy? If you answer yes to these questions, it's time for a purge!

After your purge, you’ll find you have some gaps (and some room in your closet!).  Identify those gaps and start shopping! Stacy & Faith both went through this process last week and we thought we’d share their fall shopping list with you!


I actually purged a lot of pieces.  I stopped working full time in a corporate setting 3 years ago, but i’d been holding on to a lot of pieces from that time in my life, even though they don’t gel with my current lifestyle.  I eliminated a lot of trousers, sheaths and pencil skirts that were dated or just weren’t flattering anymore. I did keep some classic, well made pieces like cashmere cardigans, DVF wrap dresses and and skinny pants.  I also kept anything in leather or faux leather. I also found some tweed and plaid pieces that I hadn't worn for a few seasons, that actually feel really modern right now - I love when that happens. All my purging did free up room for some new pieces that are more aligned with my lifestyle right now.  So, what’s on my shopping list you might ask?

  1. Anything animal print!  I’ve always been a fan of subtle animal prints, mainly in accessories.  I love a leopard print pump or cardigan, but this season I’m going all out.  I’m have my eye on a pair of wide leg silk pants and a shirt dress, for starters. I even love the idea of mixing animal prints.  I may even go for a faux fur jacket in a chic cheetah print.


2.  Speaking of a faux fur jacket...the next item on my list is a statement coat.  In the Northeast, in pedestrian/mass transit cities, we spend a lot of time in our winter coats - why not make a statement with them!


3.  Lastly, as I mentioned I spend a lot of time working from home and taking my daughter to school and all her (way too many) activities.  I’d like to add some really comfy, but chic athleisure pieces to my wardrobe. I’m loving Spanx leggings (especially their camo print!) and cute graphic sweatshirts.  I’d also like to have a chic pair of joggers in the rotation.


Faith what’s on your shopping list?

  1. Plaids: This pattern is having a major moment this season as it's showing up in almost every piece of clothing - coats, blazers, tops, pants, dresses...even plaid shoes! However, these aren't our grandmother's plaid prints. These are bold and, yes, even fun! I already bought a pair of wide-leg plaid pants that I am LOVING and plan on wearing all season long! I also have my eye on a plaid set - a matching top and pants/skirt. I love this look because it's totally appropriate for work with heels or booties but can also be dressed down with a casual jacket and fashion sneakers.


2. Chunky Knits: I'm also on the lookout for heavier patterned knits this season. I love the way an oversized sweater looks half tucked with skinny jeans and booties. Such a great fall look. I'm also looking for these specific sweaters in neutral colors because that will allow them to be staple pieces in my closet all fall/winter long. When it gets really chilly, I can layer a mock turtleneck underneath these sweaters...I also love the look of a chambray button-down poking out from the top. You could also layer a boyfriend blazer on top of these sweaters for a really professional vibe. Must have!


3. Belt bags: Ok, you may be saying, Faith, I am NOT walking around with a fanny pack! Hear me out! I have one of these belt bags already and I really love the practicality of it. As a mom, I am always in and out of cars, dropping little people off places, carrying heavy shopping bags, etc. Having a bag that is hands-free is, well, pretty great. I snap it around my waist and off I go, never having to hoist it back over my shoulder because its strap has fallen off for the 10th time in an hour! There are some pretty great colors and styles this season, too. Take a look and take the plunge! You'll be happy you did!


We’d love to hear what’s on your list this season. Shop some of our fall faves here!