Easy Tips To Take You From Desk To Dinner

A recent survey from Consumer News reports states that Americans spend, on average, about 20 hours attending holiday parties. From office parties to get togethers with friends and family, so many of us find ourselves running from the office to some sort of festive occasion. We’re all just so busy this time of year, it feels like literally every minute counts.  So let's talk about some really easy ways to think about dressing for your desk (meaning your job) to dinner or any other social engagement you have after hours!

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We broke the day to night transformation down into four buckets. Start with your base. Your base is the main piece that will stay the same from day to night; your dress, or your pants, or top, or skirt, etc.  

Than you have your three key elements which are texture, shine and the extras. You can use these elements a couple of different ways. You can identify yourself as a texture person, or maybe you’re more into shine  and you focus on that bucket, going as deep as you’d like. Or you can pick elements from each bucket to mix and match for a unique look. Or maybe you’re more classic and don’t really relate to either of these so you’ll just keep your look pretty simple.  Whichever route you choose, you’ll need to grab a couple things from ‘the extras’.

OK, so here’s how it works

Choose your base:

The base is really important.  You’ll want to choose something that is either a blank slate or - depending on your work environment - a bit more special than something you’d normally wear.

The simplest way to go is to stick with clean lines and neutral colors, like a classic black sheath. Or choose separates like a wide leg pant and a button down. Think about adding on layers for the office, that will come off later, revealing a more party ready look.

You can up the ante if you work in a more creative/casual environment and choose something a little more special for your base, like a dress with leather embellishments or something with a pop of color..

Now that you have your base - what you’ll be wearing when you leave the house - it’s time to talk about how to make that “party ready” at the end of the day. Start by taking of the extra layers you added (your cardigan, your blazer), you can leave them in the office. Then, start adding...

Texture is all about depth in a look, subtle interest and details though the use of materials like leather (faux), fur (faux), velvet, lace and suede.  You can choose as little or as much of a material as you like.

  1. Wear a glamorous faux fur shrug to work but take it off when you get to the office

  2. Swap out your wide leg pants for a pair of leather leggings

  3. Switch your button down for a velvet tank top and leather jacket

Shine is less subtle, and arguably more festive.  We’re talking sequins, rhinestones, glitter and studs. In this bucket, a little can go along way.

  1. Layer an embellished cardigan over your dress

  2. Switch your black pencil skirt for a sequined one

  3. Take off a sweater or blazer to reveal a sequined layer

The extras, are what will complete you look. These are things you can easily keep in your office, and have on hand for an easy switch. The extras include a party shoe, and small evening bag and a piece of statement jewelry, and you can’t go wrong with a bold lipstick!

These tips should have you ready to tackle all you holiday parties with ease!  Enjoy and have a glass of champagne for us! Shop some of our favorite desk to dinner pieces through the link below.  

Happy holidays!