Meet Faith Rim, One of FirstSeven's Co-founders!

This week's blog post is all about one of our co-founders, Faith Rim.  We love getting to know our clients, so we figured you might like to know a little bit more about us; how we got here, what motivates and inspires us, and even our own fashion missteps (we've all had them!). Find out how Faith balances work and family, the best career advice she's received and what she thinks is the most important piece in any professional woman's closet. You can even shop her style in the lookbook below!


Faith, tell us about yourself and your career path. I am a busy mom of three energetic little people and have been married to my amazing husband for 13 years. Before changing careers and diving into image consulting/styling I was at a corporate company for about 12 years and focused on strategy and planning. A weekend “fun” job at Ann Taylor caused me to start thinking more seriously about styling. I realized, “wow, I really love this and I don’t even feel like I’m at work!” That was my first indication that my day job could actually be something that I was really and truly passionate about.

As you mentioned, you're a mom of 3 adorable kids - what’s the biggest challenge you face when getting yourself AND all the kids ready in the morning?   I am NOT a morning person so I have learned over the years that I have to prep as much as I possibly can the night before to avoid morning meltdowns (my meltdowns, of course!) As part of my nightly routine I lay out everyone’s entire outfit and always place it in the same spot. That way, in the morning, the kids know precisely what they’re wearing even if their still half asleep!


Who’s your #MondayMuse? I’ve always deeply admired Carolina Herrera and felt a strong connection to her collections. Her designs are elegant, sophisticated and not too fussy - she truly understands a women’s body and I appreciate that. When I wear a white button-down with anything I imagine that she is proud!

Just to prove you're not perfect :-) can you tell us about one of your biggest fashion faux pas? One of my first dates with my husband was one of his friends’ wedding. The day of the wedding came and I couldn’t find my strapless bra ANYWHERE. The dress had spaghetti straps so this was a must...I tore my room apart and then came up with the genius idea to just wear a regular bra and tuck the straps down into the sides of the cups. Yeah, not so genius. I was tugging and pulling at them all night and was SO uncomfortable and distracted! Needless to say, that is not the impression I wanted to make! I went out the next day and bought a new strapless bra!

Describe your style in 3 words? Classic and feminine with a touch of prep

What’s one piece every career woman should have in her wardrobe? Hand’s down, every woman should own a crisp, white button-down blouse. They are classic, timeless and you can get so much wear out of them. Pair them with all types of skirts and trousers for elevated office looks. Style them with jeans and heels for gorgeous casual looks. These fabulous layering pieces are also quite malleable - you can roll up the sleeves, tie up the front in a knot or pop up the collar for totally different looks. I don’t know what I would do without them! 

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” Changing careers was a big deal for me. I said over and over, “it’s too late to do this. I should stay where I am. I’m too old for big changes like this!” But I was so wrong! I’ve realized that it’s really never too late to do something that you love. Take the plunge!


FirstSeven in a new company that you co-founded. What has the experience been like?  Scary but exciting! I have never owned my own business before so it’s like learning something new every day. There are certainly bumps in the road and problems to solve but I am really enjoying creating a service that people really see a value in! It makes me proud to be a part of this company.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see the wheels of our consulting firm really churning, becoming the leader and standout in the image consulting field. Various trips and adventures will definitely be on the horizon. I will also have 3 teenagers at the same time so please remember me in your nightly prayers!

Shop Faith's favorite pieces and incorporate a touch of her classic/feminine/preppy style into your wardrobe!