Rain, Rain Go Away: How to Dress During Monsoon Season

I’m looking out my office window and it's absolutely pouring. Rain is rushing down the street and I see commuters doing their best to stay dry as they hurry to the train.

I love a good rainstorm, but I don’t love wet feet and soaking hems! So, that begs the question, what are the best things to wear on a rainy work day?  Not only are we going to share some of our favorite tips, but we also pulled some fabulous pieces you can add to your wardrobe now, to make sure you’re prepared for the next rainstorm!

  • I mentioned soaking hems (above). There’s nothing worse! Avoid this by choosing a shorter pant length. We love a wider leg capri!

  • Skin dries more quickly than any type of fabric, so choose a skirt or dress. This is an especially great approach for a drenching summer rain (like today!) when it’s warm and humid. Yes, your legs will probably get wet, but they’ll dry in minutes as soon as you get inside.

  • Speaking of keeping your skirt or dress dry, make sure you have a functional (and fashionable) summer weight raincoat. We love a classic trench. For a more fashion-forward look, choose a clear style.

  • When its raining, leave your sandals and open toe shoes at home (or in your bag to change into at the office).  Instead, commute in a bootie, fashion sneaker or a low profile rain boot in a light neutral.  Avoid suede!

  • It's pretty much impossible to have a great hair day during a torrential downpour.  If you’re lucky enough to have chosen a raincoat with a hood, you’re a step ahead! Keep your look professional by sweeping your hair up into a sleek bun.  Use some gel to tame any flyaways.

Shop our favorite rainy day pieces and stay dry out there!