A Strategic Guide to Summer Sales

This is a crazy time of year. We’re deep into summer, but the idea of fall is slowly inching its way into our subconscious. If you’re a parent, it's definitely back-to-school season (and even if you’re not, the idea of ‘back-to-school’ still permeates our culture - more on that in a later post!).  

Even though the current weather reports read hazy hot and humid (add wet to that list, if you’re in the northeast!), retailers are busy highlighting their pre-fall and fall styles. That means they really need to clear out the summer pieces to make room for everything new! That also means that right now is the perfect time to assess your summer wardrobe (both work and weekend) and see what’s missing, and what needs to be refreshed.  Be smart about it though! Now really isn’t the time to buy super trendy pieces (unless you absolutely love them and know the CPW will be worth it). You don’t want to stock up on trends that have been going strong for a couple seasons, because they will most definitely look dated when you pull them out again in 10 months.

Shop these sales strategically and load up on classic, timeless summer pieces that will really never go out of style.  Below is our recommendation for the top 5 pieces to pick up (deeply discounted) over the next week or so (and of course we have a shoppable lookbook for you!).

summer sales 2.jpg

White Denim:  Talk about a summer staple.  Pick up a pair or two in your favorite classic cut and get rid of any pairs that are stained or just not as white as they used to be!

Simple Espadrilles:  Espadrilles were huge this summer.  We saw them everywhere! When picking up a pair for next season, skip styles with whimsical (trendy) details and choose a classic striped or lace up style that you’ll wear for summers to come.

Gauzy White Button Down:  Nothing is as timeless as the white button down.  For summer, choose a light gauzy fabrication. We really liked all the tie front styles we saw this season, and I’m pretty sure they’ll still be around next summer so if you like that look, now's a great time to pick it up!

Striped Dress (or top!):  Stripes will always look modern.  Choose a cute striped shirt or tee style dress and you’ll have it at the ready next spring!

Sunglasses: You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Treat yourself to a whatever classic style you generally lean towards; aviators, cat eye and oversized sunglasses will always be in style.

Shop our Smart Summer Sale lookbook!  Let us know what summer pieces you’re hunting for!