One of the best things about being a kid is summer vacation. The summer seemed to stretch on and on, forever. I remember the anticipation and excitement building up though the end of August as the first day of school approached. Yes, I know all about the summer slide and the rationale arguments to keep kids engaged in learning all year long, but I do think there’s something to be said for summer vacation. As adults, we eagerly anticipate our Summer Fridays and if we’re lucky our one or 2 week vacations, but rarely do we have the opportunity to fully recharge like we had as kids.

I had dinner last week with a friend who was about to leave for sabbatical.  He works for a very well know company that offers six week paid sabbatical for all employees after they’ve been at the company for 5 years. What a fantastic benefit! He’s headed off for much deserved down time with his family.  I’m sure he’ll come back at the end of the summer with a fresh perspective and ready to hit the ground running.

This got us thinking, what would we do if we were lucky enough to enjoy a sabbatical?


Stacy:  There are so many amazing ways to spend this time. I would love to rent a large villa in Italy or the South of France (my happy place) and invite lots friends and family to visit. I could also use this time to be a bit more adventurous. A cross country road trip spending time in the national parks (glamping, not camping!) would be something my daughter would always remember. An African Safari is also on my bucket list.

Wait, I may have the perfect itinerary! A week long African Safari, followed by a month in Europe eating amazing food and drinking some fabulous wine (with my family) followed by a week all to myself at a health and wellness spa (to counter some of the negative effects of my indulgent month in Europe!).  Now, what to pack…?

Faith:   I think I would break up my sabbatical into six different weekly excursions. I would start traveling East and visit the beautiful country of Spain and take as many siesta’s that we’re allowed in a week while enjoying their food and culture. From there I would travel to France for another week and consume as many croissants as I could while visiting all the amazing fashion boutiques. When the croissants ran out I would pack up my bags and head to the country of my grandparents, Italy. That week would include a visit to the amazing countryside of Firenze and the beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Ok, 3 weeks to go!

Back on the plane - it’s a long ride to the beautiful island of Hawaii. Maui is home for a week of rest and relaxation. Then it’s a short trip up to Cali and the PCH. After all that relaxing I would need do some serious hiking, fishing and horseback-riding in beautiful Lake Tahoe. The west coast week would conclude with a peaceful night in La Jolla overlooking that beautiful sunset. And then finally, this amazing sabbatical would conclude and crescendo with one final week on the pink sands of Bermuda with a farewell meal (the best of my life) at the Waterlot Inn. That’s my 6 week journey... I feel more relaxed just writing this! :)

OK, we’ll see you in six weeks!  :-)

Whatever your plans are for the rest of the summer, get out there an enjoy them. What would you do on your dream sabbatical?