How to Stay Warm, and Stylish this Winter

The holidays are over.  We made it through all the festivities, and we’ve packed up all the decorations.  We’ve made our New Year's resolutions and are ½ way through our January diets and cleanses. Depending on where you live, maybe you’ve made it though your first major winter storm.  That said, we still have a good 2+ months of pretty blah, or even miserable, weather. Today we’re sharing some easy to implements tips on how to stay warm, without sacrificing style this winter.

Think in layers:

A layered look is always in style.  It looks effortless, but can also be super chic.  Layers help to trap your body heat and they work well when you’re changing your environment frequently (ie, standing outside waiting for a train, inside the train, your warm office, a cold conference room.).

There are several ways to wear layers, and you can be as creative, or as simple, as you choose. We like to start with a thin cami or tank to keep the core warm.  Then you can add a printed or basic white button down, followed by a crew neck sweater. You can stop here or you can even add a blazer or a scarf. For a casual weekend look, we love a long sleeve tee under a chambray under a maxi cardigan with a bright or printed scarf.


Have fun with winter accessories:

If you live in many parts of the US, hats, scarves and gloves are winter why not have fun with them.  These winter accessories can also be pretty affordable, especially if you grab some now, on sale! So load of on these pieces, and add variety to your winter wardrobe.  Choose fun colors and prints that you can mix and match!


Invest in a statement coat:

In the colder months, your outerwear takes center stage.  Invest in a coat that is functional, but also makes a statement.  Who wants to wear the same old black puffer every day? We guarantee you’ll be happier when you reach for a coat in a bold hue, animal print for fun faux fur. If you don’t have a warm coat that makes you smile, make sure to shop our lookbook below, its chock full of fabulous coats (many on sale!).


The best way to get through these next couple months is to embrace them, in style!