One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions this year seems to around getting organized and clearing clutter.  Our social media feeds are packed with images of people purging and seeking new homes for their possessions (thank you Marie Kondo), and showcasing their former ‘junk drawers’.


We wholeheartedly support this mission, especially when it comes to our clients wardrobes. One of our most popular services is our closet edit. Our clients love them, and honestly, we love doing them.  It’s so rewarding for us when we help a client discover new ways to wear and old favorite, or convince her to let go of her outdated, unflattering pieces. We love the look on her (or his) face when we leave with bags of clothing to donate and a pared down, but much more functional closet. Much like Marie Kondo, we believe your clothes should bring you joy.  Yes, they need to be functional, but one of the most important questions we always pose to our clients when deciding what to keep and what to purge is ‘how do you feel when you put this on?’ “does it make you happy?’, how they react to the question is everything.

If you’re editing your closet on your own, make sure to think about the feeling the item bestows on you.  If you’d like some guidance and expertise in going through this process, purchase our closet edit package.  We’d love to work with you!