I Have Nothing to Wear! How to Navigate Your Post-Purge Reality

If you followed our advice and worked on editing your closet over the last week, you may be in that ‘post purge’ place where you feel like you have nothing to wear. You might be wondering if you went overboard and maybe eliminated too many things. You may be experiencing purgers-remorse. Its a real thing, we’ve seen it!


We’ve worked through this process with so many clients. Most edits start off a bit slow, the client is usually hesitant to put any items in the eliminate pile, and the ‘maybe’ pile slowly grows bigger and bigger. But then something happens. A few obviously dated or unflattering pieces are put in the donate pile, and you know what?  It feels good! It becomes easier to let of of pieces that don’t make you happy - and things that were ‘maybes’ at the start, easily move to ‘donate’. The energy builds and it becomes fun, and freeing. We leave with bags of unwanted items and the closet is emptier than when we started - but that was the goal right? This feeling of lightness and cleansing last awhile, so bask in it. However, sometimes a day or two after the edit clients will wonder, ‘hm should I really have gotten rid of that cashmere cardigan?”  They may have forgotten that it was covered with moth holes! The answer is yes, they should have gotten rid of the moth eaten cardigan, but the loss of that cardigan admittedly leaves a hole (pun intended) in the client’s wardrobe

The next step after the edit is the restock. Restocking must be done thoughtfully and with intention. We always follow up with with specific, customized shopping recommendations after each and every closet edit. This is an important step and it shouldn’t be overlooked.  A functional wardrobe is one where each and every piece works for the client, is flattering and makes her (or him) happy when they put it on. We know that some basics will need to be replaced in order to have a functioning wardrobe. So, if you’re feeling your work wardrobe is missing some essentials after your edit, reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!  Or, shop our work essentials here!